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In telling your story well, we focus on engagement. What’s your story?

Our professional copywriters deliver content in a way that speaks to your customers and works for your brand. We write for search engines and user experience.


Our professional copywriters deliver content to your audience in a style, tone and one-to-one aspect that speaks to your customers. We provide the following digital copywriting services:

Brand telling

A brand is more than a logo or website. It’s a story weaved together from ideas and transformed into experiences. There’s no bandaid or quick fix to good branding. We jump in with both feet, uncover the story and help tell it well.

Find your voice

We use our two years in effective copywriting to help our clients carefully craft the words their clients read. We work with them to find the most effective voice and incorporate this throughout their brand. We help with tone, style, word choice, personality and editing for consistency and flow if that’s all that is needed.

Services include

From article writing and editing to SEO-enriched website copy, Jet Set Media’s team of copywriters and editors can help you generate sales and inquiry through engaging, relevant content aimed to please both your customers and search engines.


SEO-enriched website copy: Our copywriting team creates content that’s both SEO-friendly and well written to keep Google and your audience engaged.


Email content: You can have the most elegant email marketing template or campaign, yet without content, you’re not making the best use of the medium. Our copywriting team helps craft engaging content that drives traffic back to your website.


Blog content and management: As an ongoing support service,Jet Set Media offers monthly blog writing and management. With the option of 1, 2, 4 or 8 blogs a month, our copywriters research your brand, industry, products, competitors and website analytics to create interesting and relevant copy aimed at being engaging for searchers and search engines. If you would rather write your own blogs, we also offer professional editing and SEO optimization services.


Press releases and management: When you have newsworthy information about your brand that needs to reach the right communication channels, Jet Set Media’s copywriters can craft perfectly worded press releases to generate buzz in public media outlets.

How it works

During an initial kickoff meeting, we interview you to learn about the idea, style, voice and overall objectives. Following the meeting, our team gets to work.