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This is a temporary solution related to the suspension of deliveries of these aircraft, the report says. The issue will be reduced from mid-April.

The reduction in production volumes, the company noted, will allow concentrating efforts on software certification. Employees will not be dismissed.

Over the past six months, two catastrophes have occurred in the world involving the Boeing 737 MAX, in which 346 people died. The recent was March 10 in Ethiopia. The plane crashed six minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa. The victims were 157 people. Among them are citizens of 33 countries, including three Russians.

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After that, about 30 airlines around the world, including the Russian S7, refused to use the 737 MAX. The European Union, the USA and Russia closed the sky over their territories for their flights.

Boeing 737 MAX – the newest generation of Boeing 737 aircraft. Operation of the aircraft of this series began in 2017. The model is the best-selling aircraft in the history of the company.

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