Omsk citizens cannot fly to Moscow due to aircraft breakdown

The flight from Omsk to the capital, scheduled for 6:30 am, is delayed. Information about this is contained on the online scoreboard of Omsk airport.

The Ural Airlines U6388 aircraft cannot fly to Moscow. Its passengers were almost 200 people. The airport’s website states that check-in for the flight will end at 11:50, although the departure time has not been indicated. According to "New Omsk" with reference to one of the passengers, the flight is delayed due to the malfunction of the aircraft. In this case, Omsk from Yekaterinburg, where the airline is located, will send another plane.

Recall that the direction of Omsk – Moscow is the most popular among passengers of the Omsk airport. Since the beginning of April, the Victory low-cost airline earned in Omsk, and now it is possible to go to the capital in 4 thousand rubles. Flights in both directions are performed daily. Also for the convenience of Omsk flight was launched in Novosibirsk.

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