During the test flight, the aircraft reached a speed of over 304 km / h and climbed to a maximum height of more than 5 km. The airliner took off from the landfill in the Mojave Desert (California, USA) at 06:58 local time (16:58 Moscow time), the flight lasted about 2.5 hours. During this time, the pilots evaluated the quality of control of the aircraft, as well as its flight performance.

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The construction of Stratolunch was completed in 2017. The span of its wing is 117.3 m, which is an absolute record in aircraft construction. The mass of the aircraft – 226.8 tons, height – 15 m. It is equipped with six engines from the Boeing 747 and 28 wheels. The liner is capable of transporting cargo weighing 249 tons on board.

Stratolaunch was designed as an air launch system for rockets and spaceplanes. As planned, such a launch can provide the desired flight path and save fuel.

In January, the plane made a test drive on the runway and reached the landing gear speed from the ground.

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