At today's press conference, Deputy General Director for Development of Omsk Airport OJSC Oleg Seliverstov told about flight occupancy and distribution of regional subsidies. According to him, subsidies after the cessation of financial support for air carriers from the regional budget will not end. In 2019, 110 million rubles will be allocated for all these goals.

– Subsidy program exists. It will also be budgeted for next year. We have an agreement with carriers. In June, we will send to the Ministry of Industry approximate estimates of the budget that we need to support carriers, both in new and existing directions, ‚ÄĚSeliverstov said.

According to the deputy general director for development of Omsk Airport, the extensive development of the route network from Omsk has been hampered by the neighboring regions, but recently the airlines have become more accommodating. Among other things, he clarified that it takes about a year to roll out a new flight. During this period, subsidies are needed.

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