Source: Reuters

A few hours after departure from London Gatwick Airport, they had to deploy the plane and land it in Porto, since the runway in Lisbon was closed.


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After a successful landing in Porto, all the passengers were asked to leave the plane in order to refuel it and prepare it for departure to its destination. However, after five hours of waiting, the tourists were informed that their airliner had flown to Lisbon without them.

“We flew to the airport [Porto] and stayed there until someone said that our plane had already flown to Lisbon without us.” Everyone was shocked. Then they were all taken to Lisbon by bus, ”said one of the passengers, Frazer Rendell.

The representative of the airline apologized for what happened and commented on the situation. “Unfortunately, the flight delay led to the fact that the crew exceeded the established working time limit. In this regard, we provided passengers with vouchers for soft drinks and transfer to Lisbon, ”explained the agent easyJet.

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