Today at the press conference devoted to the II International tourist and transport forum “Leisure! Omsk "-2019. One of the topical events of the forum will be a round table on the theme:" Transport for tourism in the region: problems, possible ways of development. "It will address the problems of developing domestic tourism in the region – transport accessibility of tourist facilities and routes in the Omsk region.

– The airport is a transport component of a tourist product, an intermediate link. We undoubtedly understand our role and the need to develop the tourist network. We are currently negotiating direct communications for both international and domestic flights. Based on the directions that have worked before. Now we are talking about direct flights to Germany, Armenia and China. I have to say that such decisions are not made quickly. Usually, the approval period for new flights is delayed by 6-8 months. In the internal communication there is a large shortage of flights between Omsk and the Far East, we are working in this direction. In addition, we are trying to establish a direct flight to Ufa, ”said Oleg Seliverstov, Deputy General Director for Development at Omsk Airport.

Anna Statva, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Omsk Region, said that the Omsk Airport has been running a tourist information desk for a long time, at which anyone can get all the information about where to go and what to see in our city.

We will note that according to the deputy general director for development of the Omsk airport, at the moment carriers are negotiating very readily. Most likely, Omsk will soon open up new opportunities to fly abroad without transfers.

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