The floating launch site "Sea Launch" can relocate from the United States to Russia. A source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti that the launch pad and the command ship from California have the opportunity to move to Sovetskaya Gavan in the Khabarovsk Territory.

The issue of relocating the Sea Launch is raised not for the first time. The idea of ​​changing the port was discussed in 2013 and 2015. In addition to Sovgavani, Vladivostok, the Crimea and Vietnam were offered as a new place of deployment. As a result, the change of "place of residence" did not happen, and the project was sold to the S7 group of companies.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS
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Now returned to the question. He stood up sharply, because if you leave the platform in the same place, it will be almost impossible to launch rockets from it in the future.

The current agreement between Moscow and Washington allows the launch of Russian-Ukrainian Zenit missiles. Their production was discontinued in 2014. But until March of this year, there was still hope for a contract for the production of 12 Zenits, which S7 Sea Launch Limited concluded with the Ukrainian Yuzhmash. At the end of March it became known about the termination of the agreement.

In order to launch other missiles from the floating cosmodrome, for example, the new Russian Soyuz-5, which is to replace the Zenith, it is required to conclude a new agreement with the American side. However, for this to happen, Russia will have to hand over technical documentation on the new rocket to the US oversight bodies. And Moscow will not do this.

“The only way out is to relocate the Sea Launch to Russian territory,” the agency’s source said.

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"Sea Launch" (Sea Launch) is a sea-based rocket and space complex. It includes the Odyssey mobile floating platform, from which direct launches are made, and the combined command ship with the control center. Port-based vessels – Long Beach (California, USA).

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