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Why is it so important to have a website for personal brand?

  • It’s something of a no-brainer, but there is a clear correlation between success and branding.
  • People are visual, so the more you can show (rather than tell), the better. Your resume may say that you “built a company blog following of 15,000 engaged readers,” but with your personal site, you can take someone straight to the blog and show why it’s so engaging and what sets your work apart. By featuring work samples, sites you’ve worked on, articles you’ve written, whatever, your personal homepage can act as a digital portfolio of your online work and identity.
  • Creating a strong brand establishes yourself as a natural leader, making people look up to you as a firm thought leader.
  • Though only 40% of companies  and growing use social media as part of their screening process , many more use it informally. So consider this: If a recruiter sees your resume and tries to find you on social media , you could get lost among the other users who share your name. But if you have a personal website aggregating your various networks (and put that URL on your resume), you take all the guesswork out of finding you.
  • The direction that people find through branding and success is conducive to a progressive mindset, one that raises expectations. The status quo is no longer acceptable; you have to move forward and think outside the box.
  • It’s the mindset that characterizes the entrepreneur, and it’s an incredibly powerful state of mind. Leaders are never satisfied with the current state of affairs; their determination that comes from personal branding raises their standards and drives their team forward.
  • Establishing yourself without credentials is essentially impossible—no matter what you want to do, a degree in something is required. However, there’s one problem with this—everyone looking to establish themselves has that same degree to some extent. It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing unique about a business degree when looking for, say, a cozy business job. That’s where personal branding comes in.
  • You have to position yourself in unique ways in order to stand out from others. You have to meet all of the subconscious expectations and go beyond the mundane to truly impress.”
  • A personal brand website will raise your credibility, authority, and trust when it comes to your influence amongst fans or consumers.
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